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Business Etiquettes in Guyana

Business Meeting

Arrive on time for a meeting even though you may have to wait 30 minutes or more. It is best to allow your host to begin the business discussion.

As a guest, you should expect to speak for a moment. It is important to always address the panel or leaders of the business or a group first, starting with the highest position or honor. You must address everyone.

Business Negotiation

The Guyanese tend to be direct and say what they mean. They value relationship building and harmony so it is important to avoid hard selling, pressure tactics and any sort of conflict or confrontation.

Decisions are usually made from the top down, so its best to have the final decision maker in the room if possible.

Business Dressing

The Guyanese tend to dress more on the casual side in the workplace. Collared shirts and with or without ties are usually expected for men. Business casual clothing is usually appropriate. As for women, nice dresses, blouses and pants will suffice.

Jeans, shorts and sandals are usually not appropriate for the workplace.

Titles & Business Cards

Titles are important and it is best to address people directly by using their professional title or Mr, Mrs, or Miss, followed by the surname.

Even though many people refer to each other by their first name, it is best wait until you are invited to do this. There is no specific ritual surrounding the giving of business cards although it is advisable to treat the card with respect.





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