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Communications in Guyana


The Atlantic TeleNetwork (ATN), a US company, owns 80% of the Guyana's telephone monopoly, Guyana Telecom and Telegram (GT&T). ATN invested in the acquisition of the government owned Guyana Telephone Company (GTC) in 1991, and has greatly improved the country’s telephone infrastructure.

Telephone service is available in Georgetown and throughout the settled coastal area. Outgoing international phone and fax service is reliable but incoming international calls and faxes can experience problems. International calling rates from Guyana to the are G$100 per minute during peak hours (6 am-6 pm) and G$90 during off peak. In Georgetown the annual phone rental is about $50. Principal settlements in the interior have radio/telephone facilities. Cellular service has been available since 2001, and many Guyanese have cell phones.

In 2012 there were 154,200 mainline telephones in use with an additional 547,000 cellular phones.

Overseas radio-telephone and cable services are provided by Cable and Wireless (WI), a private firm. Broadcasting is carried on by the government-owned Guyana Broadcasting Corp. As of 2001, there was 1 government-owned radio station and 13 television stations (only one of which was government-owned). In 1997 there were 817 radios and 306 television sets in use for every 1,000 people. Telex service is available through Western Union offices in Georgetown and other principal cities.

In 2009, there were 189,600 internet subscribers in the country.


Telephones - main lines in use : 154,200 (2012)
Telephones - mobile cellular : 547,000 (2012)
Telephone system

: general assessment: fair system for long-distance service; microwave radio relay network for trunk lines; many areas still lack fixed-line telephone services
domestic: fixed-line teledensity is about 20 per 100 persons; mobile-cellular teledensity about 70 per 100 persons in 2011
international: country code - 592; tropospheric scatter to Trinidad; satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) (2011)
Broadcast media : government-dominated broadcast media; the National Communications Network (NCN) TV is state-owned; a few private TV stations relay satellite services; the state owns and operates 2 radio stations broadcasting on multiple frequencies capable of reaching the entire country; government limits on licensing of new private radio stations continue to constrain competition in broadcast media (2007)
Internet country code : .gy
Internet hosts : 24,936 (2012)
Internet users : 189,600 (2009)




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