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Entertainment & Nightlife in Guyana


Guyana's nightlife caters for every possible taste in nocturnal entertainment. There are places and activities for the sedate as well as the adventurous.

The most popular national drink is Caribbean-style dark rum. The two national favourites are El Dorado and X-tra Mature which both offer 5, 10, 12 and 25 year varieties. El Dorado also offers a 15 year old variety which has won the "Best Rum in the World" award since 1999. Mix the cheaper ones with Coke or coconut water if you please. All are quality enough to drink neat or by themselves with the 25 year-olds comparing with high-quality scotch.

Banks is the national beer. It comes in a lager and a stout (Milk Stout). Also available are the lighter Carib (Trinidad & Tobago) and darker Mackisson's. Guinness is brewed locally under license and is a bit sweeter than its Irish counterpart, but just as good. Polar (Venezuela) and Skol (Brazil) can be found randomly throughout the country. You can also find Heineken and Corona at posher bars in Georgetown.


The street that never sleeps, Sheriff Street is the place to be for lots of action and a variety of activities. In 1996 a group of business owners in Sheriff Street coined a slogan for their street-Sheriff Street neat and sweet, where the tourists meet. A number of discos, including the Sheriff, Buddy's,Tennessee and Avalanche are all found on Sheriff Street and Blue Iguana in Alberttown caters for persons interested in dancing the night away.

On the other hand, a sporty person may prefer a game of pools and Buddy's Pool Hall on Sheriff Street, provides such a service, you may even be lucky enough to participate in one of their competitions. The nightclub downstairs offers popular Caribbean-style music (Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Dub, etc.) with a dance floor open late into the night. A row of outdoor bars, fish joints and restaurants on either side of Sheriff Street is at the visitor's disposal.

Another street that crackles with life especially on weekends is Camp Street. Jerry's Restaurant and Bar has become an immensely popular assembly point and watering hole on Friday nights. Patrons park their cars along the avenue and sip, eat and chat. Karaoke is another hot item on at Jerry's every Saturday night featuring Jerry's 2 (Nuclear Disco) on Garnett Street also has karaoke every Friday and Sunday nights.

There are other disco's that cater for persons wanting to dance and kick up their heels to the spicy Latin rhythms. These include Latino Club at Hatfield Street. Despite the name, the club offers more Caribbean-style music than Latin. A nice little patio outside serves good drinks and has ceiling fans to take cool-down breaks from the hot dance floor inside. Bollywood Nightclub on Vissengen Road and Parika, are the places to be if you want to experience an Indian flavour of music.

The Palm Court restaurant and bar on main street always has some treat in store in the form of concerts highlighting local talents. It's also a great place to hang out, have a few drinks, listen to some hot music and grab some authentic Guyanese cuisine There are a number of places for those who wish to spend a quiet evening in a tasteful and elegant bar. These include the Bistro 176 at the Cara Suites in Middle Street, The Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club on Thursday nights for Live Jazz the Black Magic Bar at Hotel Tower or Celina Restaurant overlooking the ocean along the Seawall.





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