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Food & Dining in Guyana

The cuisine in Guyana reflects the range of influences from different parts of the world. Guyanese love food, love eating it, shopping for the best spices and ingredients to prepare it and most of all, Guyanese love to share it.

From India came curries i.e. mutton, prawn and chicken and a variety of wild meat such as deer and labba.

From Africa, you find dishes such as foo-foo where plantains are made into cakes, cook-up rice which is rice cooked in one pot with chicken and vegetables and metamgee, a kind of soup where dumplings made from corn flour, eddoes, yams, cassava and plantains cooked in coconut milk and grated coconut.

From the Portuguese garlic pork with is a pickle made from garlic, vinegar and of course the best pork. This is popular at Christmas. An Amerindian stew made with a variety of meats, cassareep and pepper, is also popular.

The menus of most hotels and restaurants in Guyana offer international and local cuisine, you will often find chicken, pork and steak and, succulent shrimp and prawns and wonderful fish. And also the best Chinese food in Guyana can be found in the capital Georgetown. Guyanese local rum, Demerara Rum is well worth trying, while the local beer is must. Fresh fruit juices are also readily available made from everything from cherries and watermelon to plums.





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