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Domestic Help in Guyana

Domestics seldom live in, and will rather return in the evening to baby-sit or stay to help with parties. Servants receive extra pay for work outside their usual 8-hour workday. Although plenty of domestics wish to work for Americans, many do not meet work requirements. Employ a maid/gardener/cook on a trial basis first. Cooks are most easily found via departing expatriates. Maids, laundresses, and gardeners are easier to find.

Guyana's National Insurance Scheme (NIS) covers illness or accidents to local employees. Both employers and employees must contribute to the NIS monthly. NIS provides maternity leave to a pregnant employee at 70% of her salary. Domestic employees are entitled to 1 day's paid vacation for each completed month of service, after 12 completed months of service. Unless employees are separated for cause, they are entitled to 14 days' notice of intention to separate, or 14 days pay in lieu of notice from the employer.





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