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Shopping in Guyana


In the markets or city centres you are sure to find the widest variety of items at bargain prices be it jewellery, craft or souvenirs.

Shopping in Guyana is an adventure worth embarking upon as you discover unique treasures that are Guyana's claim to fame. A vast number of boutiques, jewellery and craft shops are available to be explored.

Remnants of Guyana's history also make unusual souvenirs. For person's whose tastes run towards antiques, the numerous Dutch bottles and jars recovered from historic sites are every collector's dream come true. Unique and captivating treasures, renowned the world over, are guaranteed to be found on a delightful and inexpensive shopping expedition in Guyana.

Shopping hours are generally Monday-Friday, 8 am-noon and 1 pm-4:30 pm; Saturday, 8 am-noon.


Regent Street, the hub of Georgetown's shopping, has innumerable boutiques that offer a wide variety of local, ethnic as well as international Fashions. Shopping is not limited to Regent Street as the Vendor's Arcade contains an assortment of nicks and knacks of the fashion world and includes cosmetics, fragrances and an array of accessories.

A Sunday morning trip to Parika Market must be included on the list of shopping areas to be visited, as it offers an unforgettable out of town shopping experience. Located on the West Coast of Demerara, Parika Market presents you with an amazing number of choices of souvenirs. Anything from a safety pin to fruits to clothes and furniture can be obtained here.

Next on the list of necessary souvenirs is jewellery. Guyana has exquisite jewellers who create one of a kind pieces that will fascinate you. Jewellery stores like Kings Jewellery Store in Quamina Street, Correia's in Charlotte Street and L. Seepersaud and Sons in Stabroek Market showcase not only international designs but also local and ethnic designs as well.

Craft Items are also supplied by the indigenous communities of the Rupununi, such as the Wai Wais, Wapishianas and the Makushi Weavers Society. Craft Items produced by these Amerindians are unique and crafted by hand, the designs being influenced by their traditions and beliefs Among the numerous craft shops, the Hibiscus Plaza in front of the post office, is the ideal place to obtain a range of craft items which include intricate beaded jewellery, hand woven cloth and tibisiri hammocks and matapis (cassava juice extractor).





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