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Immigration - Work Permit in Guyana


Guyana's work permit policy is informal due to the small population. Because of the growing demand for skilled labour, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the agency responsible for issuing work permits, responds promptly to applications. It may waive some of the normal procedures, such as advertising in the local paper, when it is known that the desired skills are not readily available.

A work permit is good for the duration of an expatriate's contract, up to a maximum of three years.

Process for Obtaining Work Permit

A prospective employer may offer a job to a foreign national if the job was first advertised locally and no suitable Guyanese national was available. Under such conditions, the prospective employer must apply on the employee's behalf to the Ministry of Home Affairs for a work permit. If the ministry is satisfied with the credentials of the applicant, a letter is given to the employer stating that the foreign national may be employed by the employer. The letter also sets out the requirements for a medical certificate and registration with the Inland Revenue Department.

The prospective employee must take a copy of the letter of employment to the Guyana embassy in his or her country to receive a visa to enter Guyana. Applications for visas should be made on prescribed forms at overseas missions and consulate offices.

The following documents must accompany a visa application:

• valid passport (with at least six months remaining validity);
• one passport-size photograph;
• evidence of sufficient funds for the duration of the visit or proof of other support while in Guyana; and
• letter of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs if the applicant is taking up employment or residing in Guyana.

If it is inconvenient to go to the embassy personally, a work permit may be issued shortly after arrival in Guyana by presenting a copy of the letter to the Central Immigration and Passport Office.

The period of stay is usually three months, but may be extended from time to time for a total period of three years.

Graduates of the University of the West Indies are exempt from the work permit requirement.

Any foreign national visiting Guyana for a period of three months or more must satisfy the following medical requirements:

• stool examination for ova and parasites;
• blood examination for evidence of active venereal disease;
• chest X-rays; and
• HIV test.

Self Employment

If an applicant for a work permit is a self-employed person, he or she must provide evidence of a business plan and adequate funds for the investment, including working capital. Generally, the applicant is advised to incorporate a company or set up a branch if the entity is registered in the applicant's home country.

Family Members

No special privileges or obligations are given to family members of foreign nationals. Family members are given permission to stay in Guyana coinciding with the approval granted to the foreign national. If accompanying family members wish to engage in employment in Guyana, they must apply for and obtain work permits in their own right.

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